Home Activities

Good Morning! Have you completed any activities from the Home Learning packs? If so, please comment with what you have completed. You can share a picture so I can see what you have done!

Here are some other things for you to try at home too:


Wake Up Shake Up Nouns and Adjectives

Go around your house and find 10 nouns. What adjectives can you think of to describe each of the nouns you find? Example: plant (green, tall, pretty).

Character description

What are their names? Why is the purple character wearing a peg on her nose? Where do you think they are? How does the ogre feel about washing his feet? Do you think the characters are friends?

Think of some adjectives to describe the two characters in the picture below. Now, write three sentences to describe each character.


Dancing Doubles

Practise your doubles with this song. Can you make up your own song about doubles?


Can you remember all the continents in the world? Once you’ve listened to the song, see if you can find 3 countries which live in each continent (apart from Antarctica)? Go on to Google Earth and see if you can locate the countries you’ve found.


What are all the world’s oceans called? Can you locate them on a map? Which countries are they near?

STEM Activities

Try some of these fun Science activities at home. Post your pictures of any you have completed in the comment section so I can see!



What other fun activities have you been doing at home? Has anyone read any exciting stories? Has anyone made anything or helped their parents do some baking?

During my lunchtime, I have been playing fetch with Pippa in my garden so we can both get some fresh air.